Support: Tracking Your Health

Your care provider will use OpiSafe to help track your health in a few different ways between visits using a web or mobile app (or a combination of both). Your prescriber has already enrolled you in OpiSafe, so look for an email or text to sign up for the free program.

Once you sign up, you will receive notifications on your iPhone or Android (no text fees) or emails if you use the web version. Those notifications will include certain tasks to complete:

  • Essential Health Assessments
    Clinical assessments that help your doctor provide the best care for you. We may ask you to rate your pain or describe what activities you are able or unable to do because of your pain. Your provider will determine what and how many assessments you will be required to complete as part of your pain management agreement.
  • Satisfaction Surveys
    Quick surveys that are designed to determine how well your prescriptions are working, any side effects, etc.

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You can contact OpiSafe customer support here. Just drop is a quick message about your experience and we will address it.

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